More Sticky and Harmonious Despite Sloping Issues, Rezky Aditya Even Shows off Kirana’s Image Habit on the Mattress, Uhhh…..

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

The artist couple Citra Kirana and Rezky Aditya are now widely discussed by netizens. How not, his household is now in the spotlight because a woman named Wenny Ariani appears who asks Rezky to claim to be her daughter’s biological father.

Despite being hit by riots, the two of them often show domestic harmony. Citra Kirana even often uploads moments of intimacy with her children and husband on her social media.

Some time ago, Rezky Aditya also revealed Citra Kirana’s habits when she was in bed. At first, Ciki, as he is called, asked about Rezky’s experience when he first shared a room with him.

“How was your first room experience?” asked Ciki reading the netizens’ questions.

“Wow, first time in a room, it’s delicious,” Rezky Aditya replied.

“When I’m literate, there’s someone next to me,” said Citra Kirana.

Even Rezky also revealed about the experience of sleeping with Citra Kirana.

“So, to be honest. The room I used to sleep on was probably a bed of about 2×2 meters by myself. Then now, I think I got the 1/8th part because Citra wants to stick together. I don’t get a mattress,” explained Rezky.


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