Rash on baby’s skin is not a serious disease, recognize the signs

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1NEWS – Not a few of the toddlers often experience red rashes on the skin. This condition occurs because the baby’s skin is sensitive and immature.

Usually, this rash can also be caused by allergies, ranging from drugs, food, to room temperature.

A general practitioner, Alni Magdalena, explained that it is important for parents to recognize rashes in their babies, so there is no need to panic when they go to the doctor.

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“Rash in babies has many causes because the baby’s skin is still very sensitive which affects his immune system,” explained Alni to 1NEWS, Sunday (29/5).

Alni revealed that the symptoms of a rash in children themselves are also marked by the onset of itching. When the child scratches the area, redness and bumps appear.

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“If you scratch too much, your child’s skin can become scaly or irritated,” he continued.

According to him, rashes in babies are also quite diverse, depending on the cause and the first reaction when the rash occurs.

“The rash that most often occurs in children is caused by the diaper itself,” he added.

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