Refal Hady Forgot to Change Account When He Wanted to Find Holiday Friends on a Second Account: Shame!

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Have second account aka the second account on social media is indeed a ‘ninja way’ for people who want privacy or limit friendships in cyberspace. However, negligence such as forgetting to change accounts when uploading things that you want to be private is certainly annoying, right? As experienced by the handsome actor Refal Hady recently.

The Bian actor in the “Wedding Agreement” series apologized on his first account after making the wrong upload. Unfortunately, before the upload was deleted, there were already netizens who immortalized the upload which according to Refal Hady himself was quite embarrassing. What was Refal Hady’s upload like?

Refal Hady wants to find vacation friends on his second Instagram account, but uploads the wrong one on the first account

Refal Hady’s Upload | Photo from Twitter @catsedih

Refal Hady’s escape began when he planned to go on vacation after seeing a fairly loose work schedule. Refal Hady intends to find friends for the holidays by uploading an invitation on Insta Story. In fact, the owner’s full name Reza Fahlevi Alhady also intends to treat his friend’s vacation on his second Instagram account.

Dear friends second account, while I have a holiday, the vacant one is also a vacation together. I’ll be the one booking hotels etc. Reply now doesn’t take long,” wrote Refal Hady in an upload on Saturday (28/5).

The intention was to invite friends on the second account, unfortunately Refal Hady forgot to change his Instagram account. As a result, the invitation was uploaded to the first account, aka a public account, which has 1.3 million followers. After realizing the wrong account, Refal Hady immediately deleted the upload and apologized to followers on the first account.

“Wrong post, punteun,” said Refal hady in the next Insta Story.

There was a netizen who had time to capture Refal Hady’s upload and re-upload it on Twitter

Maybe Refal Hady could feel safe because of the upload random it’s been deleted. Unfortunately, as an actor who is being loved by many fans, he certainly has followers responsive. As a result, a netizen had time to capture the upload, then re-upload it via a tweet on Twitter.

“Sis Refal I’m not in second account Brother, but it’s okay to go on vacation together,” wrote a netizen with the @catsedih account via his tweet along with a screenshot of Refal Hady’s upload on Insta Story.

Refal Hady, who is quite active on Twitter, immediately responded to the tweet and admitted that he was planning a vacation to Singapore. The actor who was born on October 24, 1993, also admitted that he was very embarrassed because he made an upload on the wrong account. It’s like being caught red-handed, finally Refal Hady also invites Twitter citizens.

“He wants to go to Singapore, hehe I swear there’s a lot of shame. But, if you want to come, you can. Btw I DM (Direct Message) yes,” wrote Refal Hady in response to a netizen’s tweet.

Other netizens finally joined in on the tweet and competed to find Refal Hady’s second account. Many don’t think that a class of successful actors like Refal Hady may have many acquaintances and friends to the point of looking for vacation friends on social media. Many are also waiting for Refal Hady’s DM leak to the owner of the @catsedih account.

Not long ago, @catsedih uploaded the contents of a DM from Refal Hady informing him that a management team would contact him on May 31 at 8 am. Warganet is even more excited that the actor wants to take a vacation too.

For SoHip who has a second account like Refal Hady, you must remember that you don’t forget to change accounts if you want to upload random things. Or does anyone have the same experience as Refal Hady too?~