Rezky Aditya’s ex ‘Joined’ about the Wenny Ariani case, Nikita Mirzani spontaneously: Are you pregnant too?

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Confession polemic Naira Kaemita Sasmita aka Kekey as flesh and blood Rezky Aditya from his past relationship with Wenny Ariani, recently back in the spotlight. Rezky was finally appointed as Kekey’s biological father and Wenny is now fighting for a DNA test so that the status of the daughter is clear in the eyes of the law.

Actually, the polemic regarding Wenny Ariani’s confession has been going on since last year. In mid-2021, Wenny Ariani suddenly appeared and claimed to have a child from Rezky Aditya who was eight years old.

The appearance of Wenny immediately shocked the public. In the midst of the heat of this case, suddenly a figure Razer Patricia also come into the spotlight. Rezky Aditya’s last ex-lover suddenly mentioned karma, at which time many suspected that the upload was aimed at Citra Kirana’s husband.

Until finally, Razer Patricia was invited to talk with Nikita Mirzani on Langit Entertainment’s YouTube channel. Nikita Mirzani asked Razer many questions at that time about his relationship with Rezky Aditya in the past, including the issue of Rezky who was hit by the issue of impregnating another woman out of wedlock.

Nikita asked what made Razer involved in the matter of her ex-lover. Surprisingly, the mother of three children spontaneously asked whether Razer was also impregnated by Rezky Aditya.

“Initially you were linked with Rezky Aditya’s problem? But did you get pregnant too?” asked Nikita Mirzani.


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