Video Recorder of Alleged Harassment by Viral Ojol Apologizes – 1NEWS

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The video recorder and uploader of alleged harassment by online motorcycle taxi drivers aka ojol clarification apologizes for horrendous netizens. The clarification video was re-uploaded by the @fact.indo account on the Instagram social media network on Sunday (29/05/2022). Allegedly Visited by Officers In the video, two women in hijabs are seen sitting and facing the camera while apologizing. Based on the information, both of them clarified and apologized for allegedly having been visited by officers. I do not know who is meant by the officer, the admin of the account did not explain in detail. They both confessed to apologizing after uploading a video of alleged obscenity by an ojol driver to a customer on the side of the road which went viral and made them restless. “The video recorder and uploader of alleged obscenity by motorcycle taxi drivers in Ungaran Semarang clarified and apologized after being visited by officers,” write description. Confess Wrong Their eyes seem to be reading something under the camera many times. The two women said they were sorry because it turned out that they had misunderstood. “In my view, it is not the customer and the driver but a husband and wife couple or lovers,” said the woman in the video uploader. The clarification video is fairly short, they sound fluent and quite fast when they talk. Warganet’s response. The upload immediately went viral and reaped various responses from netizens in the comments column. bbseparator  Warganet admitted that they were confused and felt odd about the clarification because they thought that what they were doing was not wrong. "If husband and wife why do they scream like that," said @qoq***. “There is something wrong with this clarification,” @wid*** comment. "Why are you sorry? What’s wrong with that?” said @nan****. “Yeah, it’s not wrong either. Who is not surprised to hear people screaming like that? Then if you don’t get help, you will be blamed,” said @kim***. “I don’t understand hahaha this is a clarification? In my view, if a husband and wife are screaming on the street, they still have to help, who knows about domestic violence, right?” added @kev***. At the time this article was compiled, the post had already garnered more than 11.6K likes and 654 comments. Viral Video of Ojol Allegedly Harassing Women As is known, the video of alleged harassment by ojol drivers had gone viral in the world of social media. This is known from the experience threads of netizens who accidentally saw allegations of sexual harassment. In the video that was spread, the motorcycle taxi driver was allegedly trying to kiss a woman’s face. Meanwhile, the woman was heard screaming hysterically for help. Netizens who watched the program were angered and sparked a heated debate. (Source: