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Men with two to four wives of course are common. This phenomenon can also be found in the community. However, the case is different if the one who does this is a woman. This is what happened to a woman from Cianjur Regency, West Java.

He is known to have polyandry, aka having two husbands. As a result, the woman with the initials NN was expelled from the village until all her clothes were burned by the masses. Several facts were revealed from the polyandry case, here are some of them.

Residents expel NN to burn her clothes

A woman with two husbands was evicted by residents [sumber gambar]

The 27-second video shows residents burning NN’s clothes. The resident in Sodong Hilir Village, Tanjungsari Village, Sukaluyu District, Cianjur Regency, shouted insults and kicked NN out of the village. Because NN is known to remarry with UA. In fact, NN is still the legal wife of TS.

NN was caught by the family

Tanjungsaru Village community leader Aep Ibing told that NN’s second marriage was uncovered after a relative of TS became suspicious, because NN was often at UA’s house in Babakancaringin Village, Karangtengah District, Cianjur Regency. TS’s relatives follow him and ask what NN is doing in the house.

NN do polyandry [sumber gambar]

UA replied that they were married. The relative informed TS and finally a community meeting was held. After deliberation, NN and UA admitted that they had been married for five months. The wedding will take place in December 2021.

NN admits loving two men out of lust

NN’s clothes were burned by residents [sumber gambar]

In the village meeting, NN gave a surprising confession. He said he had to do polyandry because he loved the two men. NN confessed that she loved her first husband and loved her second husband because of lust. Together with her second husband, NN claimed to have received treatment that made her comfortable so that she could make love up to three times a day.

Lying parents died to marry a second husband

NN was evicted by residents [sumber gambar]

Aep Ibing reveals NN made a number of lies to marry UA. He admits that his parents are dead, even though they are still alive. She also admitted that she was already a widow, even though she was still the legal wife of TS and already had two children. As a result of his actions, NN was immediately divorced by her first husband. Ark of the household that was lived for 13 years that also ran aground.

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Initially. TS had reported his wife’s actions to the police. However. TS is said to have withdrawn the report. Now after being evicted by residents, NN and her family no longer live in Sodong Village, Tanjungsari Village, Sukaluyu District.