Without Reino Barack, Syahrini is naked in public, what happened to the Inces household?

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Recently, singer Syahrini was on vacation in her husband’s hometown, Reino Barack in Japan. The woman, who is often called Inces, appears to have visited the Onsen or sulfur baths without her husband’s presence.

“Inces Onsed first in sulfur water whose properties Masha Allah for Inces skin,” Syahrini wrote on Instagram.

In the video, Syahrini is seen drowning his body while hiding in the pool wall.

“I’m alone, so I’m just saying this, I’m afraid of my nakedness,” Incess explained.

Unlike the previous Onsen activities, this time there was no Reino Barack beside Incess. Suddenly, it provoked netizens’ curiosity about what happened to the household of Incess Syahrini and Reino Barack.

Apparently, Incess was doing Onsen in a public place to the point where she had to separate from her husband.

“Onsen time, after yesterday’s onsen in the room or private, Incess tried the public onsen, so the boys and girls separated,” clearly the fanbase of the ‘Something’ singer.


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