10 Best Popular Syifa Hadju Movies, Stunning Acting!

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The name Syifa Hadju must be familiar to Parents, right? This beautiful girl who often appears on the small screen often started her career from the bottom as a supporting role, then became the main character. Several of Syifa Hadju’s films and series that she starred in also gained success, making her name even more.

Short Profile of Syifa Hadju

This beautiful girl whose full name is Syifa Savira Nuraisyah was born on July 13, 2000. Commonly known as Syifa Hadju, she is an actress, model, and singer of Gorontalo descent.

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Her first appearance on the small screen was in the soap opera Aisyah Putri the Series: Jilbab in Love as Ana. But his first feature film debut was in Beauty and The Best with the role of Upi.

She also has a beautiful voice and her first single “Never Change” was released in 2018. The song in the album was created by Melly Goeslaw.

Profile of Syifa hadju

Now, Syifa Hadju is acting more and more often, especially since many of her web series are popular in the community, one of which is Story for Geri, which is based on the novel of the same name by Erisca Febriani. In this web series he also sings with Angga Yunanda for a song called “Love Great”.

syifa hadju and rizki nazar

Syifa Hadju has a close relationship with Rizky Nazar, an actor as well and often co-stars in several films and soap operas. In May 2020, the two admitted that they were dating.

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15 Best Syifa Hadju Movies to Watch

Syifa Hadju can further prove the deepening of her role until she is now a major player in many feature films, soap operas and FTV mini series. No wonder now this 22-year-old girl is getting more and more stunning in every role in the film she stars in

1. Beauty and The Best, Syifa Hadju’s first debut film

beauty and the best movie

Year : 2016
Genre: Teen comedy
Director: Andri Sofyansyah
Author: Hanan Novianti; Luna Torashyngu
Producer: Evry Wanda
Cast : Syifa Hadju, Andania Suri, Maxime Bouttier, Chelsea Shania, Akina Fathia, Brandon Salim, Didi Riyadi

The film Beauty and The Best became Syifa Hadju’s debut in a feature film playing the role of Upi. Even though she didn’t get too many slots to appear, Syifa Hadju proved that she could shine in this film.

Synopsis of the film Beauty and the Best

Ira is a beautiful girl who really stands out in school, unfortunately she is not good at studies. His girlfriend is a rich basketball boy. Kelly is the smartest girl in her class.

One day, Ira got good marks in her exam. Although Ira did not cheat and it was the result of her own hard work, many did not accept it, including Kelly. Kelly finally invites Ira to compete for grades in the next exam. The loser will have to want to be ordered. Ira also asked for Aldo’s help in order to win the competition with Kelly.

2. Celebgram

celebgram movie

Release Year: 2017
Genre : Comedy
Director : Vishnu Kuncoro
Cast : Syifa Hadju, Alvaro Maldini, Ria Ricis, Billa Barbie, Tasman Taher, Arief Didu, Opie Kumis, Erlin Sarintan, Joe Project P, Rudi Sipit

In this Selebgram film, Syifa Hadju becomes a speechless girl named Cello and meets Kamal, a man who is in a breakup.

Selebgram Film Synopsis

Kamal is a student who has just finished college, but his life changes drastically because his father goes bankrupt. Not only that, he also failed to marry Billa because suddenly his marriage was annulled.

Kamal is still trying to live, even though moneylenders often visit him and have to be able to support himself. In the end, he tried to become a celebrity so he could get endorsements and earn money. On his journey to become a celebrity that is not easy, Kamal meets Cello who finally makes him stronger to face life.

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3. A : Me, Hate & Love

i hate and love movie

Release Year: 2017
Genre : Drama
Director: Rizki Balki
Author: Alim Sudio, Wulanfadi (Wulan Fadila Fatia)
Cast : Syifa Hadju, Jefri Nichol, Amanda Rawles, Indah Permatasari, Brandon Salim, Maxime Bouttier

Synopsis of film A : Me, Hate & Love

This film tells the story of a schoolboy’s love which is quite complicated. Alvaro becomes an after-school music tutor for Anggia. Unfortunately, Anggia doesn’t like it when Alvaro becomes her tutor, because she thinks Alvaro is very cold and cynical. But because they often meet, eventually growing feelings of love between the two.

Alvaro himself has Athala, a girl who is still lying in a coma. Anggia must be ready to let Alvaro go when Athala wakes up from his coma.

4. The film Ayat-Ayat Cinta 2 also stars Syifa Hadju

love verses 2

Release Year: 2017
Genre : Drama
Director: Guntur Soeharjanto
Author : Habiburrahman El Shirazy.
Cast: Syifa Hadju, Fedi Nuril, Tatjana Saphira, Chelsea Islan, Nur Fazura, Arie Untung, Mathias Muchus, Melayu Nicole Hall, Pandji Pragiwaksono, Dian Nitami, Tenacious Discovery, Dewi Irawan, Dewi Sandra, Jihane Almira.

Synopsis Ayat-ayat Cinta 2

Fahri is still looking for his beloved wife Aisha who disappeared and became a research lecturer at the University of Edinburgh. Friendly and polite make Fahri liked by many people.

His politeness and friendliness earned him the favor of many people, one of whom was Grandma Catarina, a Jewish neighbor. But there is also Keira who hates Fahri. Then he met Hulya, Aisha’s brother who is a Turkish-German nationality and is taking her master’s degree in Edinburgh. Fahri also remembers Aisha again.

5. Movie The Way I Love You

the way i love you

Year : 2019
Genre : Romantic
Director: Rudi Aryanto
Author: Johanna Wattimena; Gendis Hapsari
Production : Rapi Film
Actors : Syifa Hadju, Rizky Nazar, Tissa Biani, Baskara Mahendra, Surya Saputra, Adi Nugroho, Windy Wulandari

Synopsis The Way I Love You

Twilight, who has never been in a relationship, met a man through cyberspace with the user BadBoy. Because of the frequent conversations on the internet, Senja begins to fall in love with people she has never met.

6. Free Movies

free movies

Release Year: 2019
Genre: Musical comedy
Director: Riri Riza
Cast : Syifa Hadju, Maizura, Lutesha, Salvita Decorte, Baskara Mahendra, Sheryl Sheinafia, Kevin Ardilova, Marsha Timothy, Dea Panendra, Susan Bachtiar, Jefri Nichol, Zulfa Maharani, Shindy Huang, Baim Wong, Agnes Naomi, Agatha Pricilla, Amanda Rawles , Giorgino Abraham, Indy Barends, Widi Mulia, Cut Ashifa, Cut Mini Theo, Brandon Salim, Happy Salma, Darius Sinathrya, Sarah Sechan, Oka Antara, Tika Panggabean, Irgy Ahmad Fahrezy, Windy Apsari, Nada Novia Putri, Reza Rahadian

Synopsis of Free Film, starring Syifa Hadju

This is an adaptation of the popular Korean film Sunny in 2011. It tells the story of Vina, a high school teenager from a small town in West Java who recently moved to a prestigious public high school in the capital city of Jakarta. On the first day at school, Vina is laughed at for her accent and is also bullied by a male student.

Fortunately, Vina finally had friends who helped her adapt to the school. Her friends are Kris the leader, the cute and beauty-obsessed Jessica, the brave Gina and the richest kid in the group, the mysterious beauty Suci, and Jojo the only guy in their friendship.

Eventually they became a group and named it the Free Gang. But that happiness begins to disappear when a tragic event occurs so that their friendship must end.

7. Danur 3: Suyaruri, Syifa Hadju’s First Horror Film

Danur 3 Suryayuri movie

Year : 2019
Genre : Horror
Director: Awi Suryadi
Author: Lele Laila
Actors : Syifa Hadju, Yassien Omar, Sandrinna Michelle, Hayati Azis, Rizky Nazar, Chicco Kurniawan, Prilly Latuconsina, Saraswati

Synopsis of Danur 3: Suyaruri

Risa is a girl who can see and befriend ghosts, but as she gets older she wants to live a normal life. He has a girlfriend named Dimas who works as a radio announcer. But he hasn’t told his 5 ghost friends, Peter CS, to Dimas for fear of being cut off. But Peter CS started teasing Dimas.

Risa finally chooses to close her inner eye so she can start a normal life. But strange things started to happen. After a heavy rain, even though Risa can no longer see Peter CS, she now smells danur. There is even an evil ghost that threatens his life.

8. Ex-store movie

shop movie with ex

Release Year: 2020
Genre : Comedy
Director: Viva Westi
Authors: Titien Wattimena, Priesnanda Dwisatria
Cast: Dea Panendra, Iedil Putra, Marsha Timothy, Laura Theux, Reza Rahadian, Syifa Hadju, Niken Anjani, Niken Anjani, Stella Cornelia, Shareefa Daanish, Mpok Atiek, Gading Marten.

Synopsis of Toko Barang Mantan

Tristan is a student who has not yet passed his college thesis, but is instead busy taking care of his business, the Ex-Stuff Shop, with his friends Amel and Rio. So this shop sells unusual things, namely ex-goods for people who want to move on from their ex. Then there is Laras, the girl Tristan likes who wants to sell his engagement ring.

9. The Film A Million Loves For Him

movie a million love forever

Release Year: 2020
Genre : Family Drama
Director: Herwin Novianto
Author: Wiraputra Basri
Music arranger: Tya Subiakto
Cast: Syifa Hadju, Deddy Mizwar, Umay Shahab, Widi Dwinanda, Asrul Dahlan, Ozzol Ramdan

Synopsis of the Film A Million Loves For Him

Gina, who is already in class XII or 3 in high school, needs a smart phone to be able to carry out online trials. But he didn’t want to trouble his father who was just an extra. But the father still wants to give the best for his son. Secretly, Gina finds a job for her father, but then they quarrel. But Gina is accompanied by Vishnu who continues to try to be a lover and the person Gina’s father accepts.

10. Till Death Do Us A Part, Movie of Syifa Hadju and Rizky Nazar

movie till death do us apart

Release Year: 2021
Genre : Action, Romantic
Director : Anggy Umbara
Author : Anggy Umbara, Erwin Dhia Falah
Producer: Manoj Punjabi
Cast: Syifa Hadju, Rizky Nazar

Synopsis Till Death Do Us A Part

Vanesha a famous actress suddenly came to a journalist named Arya in the office where she worked. Initially the employees who were there were amazed by the arrival of the artist to their office. But Vanesha instead pointed a gun and threatened to kill the man.

Even though Arya herself is confused because she feels that she has never been in a relationship as a couple with Vanesha.

Syifa Hadju

Wow, there are a lot of parents for this Syifa Hadju film! Can’t wait for his acting for his 4 newest films in 2022, namely Jailangkung 3, Ayo Putus, 200 Pounds Beauty and Bismillah Kunikahi Your Husband.

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