Distan Buleleng Holds Farmers Market for Local Leading Products – 1NEWS

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Beritabali/ist/Distan Buleleng Holds Farmer’s Market for Local Leading Products.

The Buleleng Regency Agriculture Service held a farmers market for local superior products in a series to commemorate the 50th Agricultural Krida Day which fell on June 21, 2022 at the Buleleng Regency Agriculture Service Office Courtyard, Thursday (16/6).
This farmer’s market event received the attention of the Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Buleleng Regency, Drs. Gede Suyasa, M.Pd. along with several OPD Heads and staff within the Buleleng Regency Government as a form of support and appreciation for Buleleng agricultural food products and processed who had the opportunity to visit today.

Met on the sidelines of his visit, the Regional Secretary Suyasa asked MSME actors to always maintain their product variants and avoid using excessive preservatives that could potentially harm consumers. It must be consistent and maintained discipline.

In general, the Regional Secretary, Suyasa, said that the products produced by Buleleng MSMEs have many variations, but most of them are still unable to compete outside. Therefore, his party proposes that MSME actors must dare to go out and improve quality, of course, at competitive prices.

“We have to take part in large exhibitions outside so that our competitiveness is strong. But for us to try internally first, people are asked to love the products here so that it becomes a motivation for business actors to produce more and balanced with quality, of course,” he said.

Regional Secretary Suyasa added, during the pandemic, the movement of MSMEs was quite fast. Responding to the current relaxed pandemic conditions, they should be able to develop more and be able to be more competitive.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Buleleng Regency Agriculture Office, Ir. Made Sumiarta said, today’s activity is one of the programs to facilitate as well as to introduce as well as a promotional event, how later local agricultural products and processing, especially in Buleleng can be known throughout Bali and outside Bali.