5 Facts about Women in Jambi who were actually married to women; Revealed After 10 Months of Marriage

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jambi women marry women

Recently, netizens were shocked by the news of same-sex marriage that took place in Jambi. This was only discovered after ten months of marriage between the victim, who had the initials AN, and the perpetrator, whose real name was Erayani. Not accepting her husband’s fraud, AN reported her husband to the Jambi District Court.

The fraud began when the victim met the perpetrator on an online dating site at the end of May 2021. Disguised with the fake name Ahnaf Arrafif, AN was smitten by the perpetrator who claimed to be a doctor and ended up getting married in an unregistered marriage. Luckily, the perpetrator’s slick disguise was uncovered through the suspicions of the victim’s mother.

1. The victim and the perpetrator got married in an unregistered marriage after getting to know each other through a dating app

Victim and perpetrator got married after meeting through a dating app | Photo by Muhamad Faizal Awal via Pexels

This unfortunate incident that befell AN began with the introduction of the two through an online dating application. After that, the two of them established increasingly intense communication until finally the perpetrator came to the victim’s residence. When they first met, AN didn’t suspect anything because the perpetrator looked like a man. In fact, the voice of the owner of Erayani’s real name also sounded like a male voice. Finally, the two of them got married in an unregistered marriage without going through the KUA on July 18, 2021.

The marriage was carried out in a serial manner because the perpetrator admitted that his mother had died due to Covid-19. In fact, the mother is still alive and lives in Lahat, South Sumatra. The victim’s parents were forced to allow their daughter to have an unregistered marriage because of their sick condition. At first, AN also wanted to be legally married at the KUA, but Erayani did not bring the marriage documents and requirements and reasoned that the renewal of the ID card at the relevant agency had not been completed. When the serial marriage took place, the perpetrator also presented four fake family members.

2. The perpetrator claimed to be a doctor who graduated from New York

The perpetrator claimed to be a doctor who graduated from New York | Photo by RF._.studio via Pexels

One of AN’s interests in her husband is also because he claims to be a neurologist who graduated from New York. Arrafif alias Erayani also claimed to be a coal entrepreneur. However, the victim had checked his professional status and it was not on the list. In fact, AN once spent tens of millions for her husband’s personal needs. However, the victim still believed that the perpetrator was a doctor because he had treated her with an IV bottle.

3. The victim is not suspicious because he always has sex with a cloth covered

The victim is not suspicious because he always has sex with a cloth covered | Photo by Sự Minh via Pexels

The deception carried out by the perpetrator was so smooth even when dealing with his wife. According to AN, the victim always covered her eyes with a cloth during sex since the first night. Therefore, AN could not see the whole body of her husband. It didn’t stop there, the perpetrator who disguised himself as Ahnaf Arrafif was also always fully clothed at home, even when he came out of the bathroom.

4. The perpetrator was once the imam of the mosque and performed Friday prayers

The perpetrator used to be an imam and perform Friday prayers | Photo by Masjid Pogung Dalangan on Unsplash

To convince his wife’s family, Erayani did various ways. Some of the things he does include being a prayer priest and performing Friday prayers. Unmitigated, the perpetrators did it in the mosque. He even promised to take care of the treatment of his father-in-law who had a stroke. Therefore, AN had given money to the perpetrators many times until the total reached Rp. 300 million. Therefore, the victim hopes that the perpetrator will be punished for acts of identity fraud, fraud to get hundreds of millions of rupiah, and religious harassment.

5. The beginning of the perpetrator’s lie was exposed from the suspicion of the victim’s mother

The beginning of the perpetrator’s lie was exposed from the suspicions of the victim’s mother | Photo by Muhamad Faizal Awal via Pexels

Suspicion of the identity of the perpetrator started from the victim’s mother. About a month after getting married, the victim’s mother began to suspect her daughter-in-law. The reason, his son-in-law was never seen working, even though he claimed to be a doctor. Months continued, AN’s mother then asked for the identity of the son-in-law. Up to five months living with his father-in-law, Arrafif was still unable to show his identity.

Finally, the perpetrator took the victim to Lahat, his hometown. There, AN was locked up for four months in a room, not communicating with anyone other than the perpetrator. Meanwhile, the victim’s mother reported her suspicions to the police. Finally, the perpetrator’s lies were revealed before they held a wedding reception which was planned to be held next October.


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