BTS Takes Long Rest, Netizens Say BLACKPINK Can’t Replace Jungkook Cs’ Position? | Kpop Chart

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BTS’ hiatus from activities as a group has made netizens wonder about the idol group that will temporarily fill the position of Jungkook Cs.

This was discussed by netizens via Naver in an article from Asia Economy entitled, “BTS is on hiatus for a breath, who will lead hallyu after?” which discusses BLACKPINK as a qualified idol group to fill the vacancy on the throne.

BTS and BLACKPINK related articles by Asia Economy on Naver (

Through the comments column, not a few netizens mentioned that BLACKPINK had not been able to replace BTS’s position as the group that became the face of K-Pop on the international scene.

BTS (Photo: BigHit Music)

“There is no guarantee that BLACKPINK will never disband and last forever”

“BLACKPINK participates in Hallyu Wave because of their flashy image but BTS managed to master the hallyu wave through meaningful songs.”

“Isn’t BLACKPINK ending next year? They are seven years old now.”

BLACKPINK (Photo: Rolling Stone)

“BLACKPINK are amazing but I don’t think they’re at a level where they can be compared to BTS…”

“50% of K-Pop revenue is earned through BTS. The other 50% is the rest and I don’t think there is a group that can replace BTS yet.”

“BLACKPINK could start by releasing a few albums”

“BTS and BLACKPINK are not on the same level ^^” and various other comments.

What is your opinion regarding the discussion of netizens regarding BTS and BLACKPINK? (1NEWS)