Titi Kamal Implements a Strictly Healthy Lifestyle for the Family

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1NEWS – Actress Kurniati Kamila alias Titi Kamal admits she doesn’t play around in maintaining a diet for her family.

This was done to protect her husband and two children from various diseases.

To maintain the health of the family, the 32-year-old woman chose not to overeat fried foods.

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“I don’t eat fried food very often, huh,” said Titi Kamal in Jakarta, Wednesday (15/6/2022).

He also did not allow his family to overeat.

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In addition, the film player Rumput Tetangga said there is a certain time to eat fried foods.

“If it’s usually the weekend, my family is more free to eat fun food,” he said.

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However, for weekdays, Titi Kamal limits certain foods.

“For example, at night after 8 o’clock I give fruit,” he added.

She is grateful that her two children really like healthy foods like cheese.

“The food that I often make is cheese martabak, spaghetti carbonara, cheese brownies. Or something simple to make bread topped with grated cheese,” he said.

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