Rarely Borrowing Money, Raffi Ahmad Calls Ivan Gunawan ‘Robbed’ Rp 80 Million | 1NEWS

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Raffi finances a vertical garden at Ivan’s house and boutique

Dream – Ivan Gunawan turned out to have drained Raffi Ahmad’s pocket up to hundreds of millions of rupiah. Praising him as a friend who never borrows money, Raffi said that Ivan is one of his fellow artists who likes rob his savings.

Raffi’s joke was revealed when he told about his experience when he was suddenly charged with a garden construction bill worth Rp. 80 million which was ordered by Ivan to beautify his own house.

Raffi revealed that Ivan initially praised the garden at his house and asked for the number of the vendor who worked on it.

“I’ll give it to you, he asked how I said you should just talk to Haji Tatang. If you can help with stories, you will get a discount,” said Raffi Ahmad in the Brownis show.

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Ivan also contacted the vendor who worked on the garden at Raffi’s house after receiving his phone number. But a week later, Raffi was shocked when Ivan suddenly handed him a receipt.

“I was told to pay, Allahu Akbar. How come I’m the one paying. He (Ivan) said, ‘You’re going to run out of money if you pay me this,’” said Raffi.

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Doing the Same for the Garden at the Boutique

Not only gardens, Ivan also admitted that he had asked for a similar hanging garden to be made for his boutique. Again Ivan sent a bill that Raffi had to pay.

“Oh, vertical garden boutique again. He asked ‘Aa, is there still money,’ I said yes,” said Raffi Ahmad.

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For the work on the hanging garden at Ivan’s house and boutique, Raffi admitted that he had to pay a total cost of Rp. 100 million.

“Your house is Rp. 70 million, your boutique is Rp. 30 million, so Rp. 100 million, a 20% discount to Rp. 80 million,” said Raffi.

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According to Raffi, Ivan Gunawan has never borrowed money from him. But he called Ivan a friend who often asked to be paid for the goods he appointed.

“Wow, if Ivan Gunawan didn’t borrow but robbed the oath,” said Raffi, laughing.

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Meanwhile, Ivan admitted that he did this to see that Nagita Slavina’s husband had a lot of money.

“Yes, I asked if there was no money, I didn’t come in, ‘Aa, do you have money, you said there was. What am I going to do with borrowing,” added Ivan.