10 Joanna Alexandra Hairstyles, Fun to Copy!

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1. Joanna Alexandra's hairstyle

Joanna Alexandra’s hair style often steals attention because she dares to appear with flashy colors. You could say, she is like Aunt Wig in the telenovela series but the real hair version.

Joanna Alexandra has no special reason for her hobby of changing hair color. He once stated that it was something he had always loved. The 35-year-old beautiful artist has also revealed that she really likes bright hair colors. You could say, the lighter the color, the more Joanna will like it.

However, due to her job, Joanna sometimes can’t go with a bold hair color and has to choose a lighter hair color like brown or blonde. Even so, style Joanna Alexandra’s hair is still fun to follow.

Come on, take a look at the photos of Joanna’s hairstyle transformation, which often changes colors in this article!

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10 Joanna Alexandra Hairstyles That Are Fun To Imitate

1. Long Blonde Hair

Blonde is a fairly light hair color but is still in the subdued color category and is commonly used. This color is also the one that Joanna uses the most for her hair. For those of you who are looking to try a light color for your hair, you can also try this color!

2. Short Blonde Hair

2. hairstyle inspiration

Joanna gave her a fresh and new look by cutting her hair to shoulder length. Still with the same blonde color as before, but a different hairstyle. It looks so fresh, parents!

3. Wear Kpop Idol-style Bangs

3. hairstyle inspiration

Appearing like a Korean idol, Joanna cut her bangs above the eyebrows. Joanna Alexandra’s third hairstyle still uses the same hair color, namely blonde, but with a different model. She straightened her long hair, and applied an ombre blonde color.

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4. Pink is quirky but beautiful

4. Joanna Alexandra's hairstyle

When Raditya Oloan was still alive, Joanna’s husband didn’t mind his wife’s hobby of changing her hair color. In fact, Joanna once dyed her hair pink with the permission of her husband. Quirky but beautiful!

5. Yellow Pink Ombre

5. Joanna Alexandra's hairstyle

After Raditya Oloan died, Joanna still often changes her hair color. After previously she dyed her hair plain pink, she also once combed her short hair with a unique addition of pink!

6. Blend of Blue, Lilac and Pink

6. Joanna Alexandra's hairstyle

Joanna has also tried other bright colors that are anti-mainstream, namely a combination of blue, lilac and pink. The blue color he chose was mermaid blue as the base color for the majority, then highlighted with pink and lilac. With that hair color, he looks like a cartoon character out of a mural!

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7. Blonde and Pink

7. hairstyle inspiration

For those of you who want to dye their hair blonde, but are bored with the same blonde hair, you can try this Joanna Alexandra hairstyle. She added a pink color to her blonde hair which wascurly. This hairstyle gives a sweet yet playful impression!

8. Purple

8. hairstyle artist

Joanna Alexandra’s hairstyle below is a long, straight hair model in purple. With the bangs being slightly longer than the eyebrows, this hairstyle has succeeded in making fans confused.

9. Milk Tea Color

9. hairstyle artist

Joanna again changed the color of her dark hair to a lighter one due to the demands of work. He wears milk tea color, which is a brown color that grades towards blonde. This color suits Joanna very well and accentuates her bright and fresh skin.

10. Black

10. Artist hairstyles

Well, after seeing Joanna wearing various trendy hair colors, this is Joanna Alexandra’s hairstyle with black hair. With long, wavy hair, Joanna looks so graceful and motherly huh!

How Parents? Is there any style Joanna Alexandra’s hair do you like? Hopefully it can be an inspiration for hairstyles for those of you who are trying to be different!


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