Accused of ATEEZ Plagiarism, Soyeon (G)I-DLE Even Registers Copyright For The Song “SUN”? | Kpop Chart

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One of the members of (G)I-DLE, Soyeon recently received criticism from netizens South Korea after its actions against the song “SUN” were revealed.

Back in February 2022, a controversy arose between Soyeon and KQ Entertainment, in which the (G)I-DLE member had added KQ Entertainment’s music producer Eden-ary’s name in the song for the program. My Teenage Girls entitled “SUN”.

Jeon Soyeon in “BEAM BEAM” MV (

The song “SUN” is known to have a melody similar to ATEEZ’s song “WAVE” which was released in 2019, which is the work of Eden-ary. The producer’s name was added to the “SUN” credits, but apparently the act was done without Eden-ary’s knowledge.

This case ended with an apology from Cube Entertainment as Soyeon’s agency, and the idol himself admitted guilt for his actions.

However, recently a netizens found that the controversial song “SUN” had been registered for copyright by Soyeon at KOMCA, making Soyeon flooded with criticism from netizens through the Theqoo community forum.

“Soyeon is not a genius, I don’t want to hear her promoting herself as a genius producer, especially when she plagiarizes her work,”

“This is still wrong even though the party concerned has agreed to this (in copyright)”,

“He registered the copyright of a song that he plagiarized from someone else? Crazy”

But not a few also tried to think positively by saying that it was very likely that Soyeon had resolved the problem with the relevant producer.

How do you feel about (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon’s act of registering the controversial song “SUN” for copyright? (1NEWS)