Challenge to a duel in the ring, Nikita Mirzani is ready to pay Nindy Ayunda Rp. 35 million

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1NEWS – Nikita Mirzani’s frustration with singer Nindy Ayunda seems unbearable. After facing the officers alone when they were about to take him to the Serang City Police based on Dito Mahendra’s report, now Nikita is challenging Nindy to a duel in the ring.

Nikita Mirzani conveyed his intention when appearing on the Luna Maya YouTube channel. In a video uploaded on Sunday (19/6), Nikita answered Luna’s question about the news that she challenged Nindy after defeating Dinar Candy recently.

“It’s true (challenged Nindy),” said Nikita Mirzani.

I was so excited, Nikita Mirzani was willing to sponsor Nindy. “Just want me. I pay him to fight my opponent.”

The payment for Nindy, said Nikita, doesn’t have to be high. “He doesn’t have to be expensive. If Rp 35 million should be taken away, yes,” said the mother of three children.

Hearing the name called Nikita, Luna Maya was flabbergasted, as if she couldn’t believe it. “Huh seriously?”

Nikita Mirzani reasoned that as a singer, Nindy’s popularity was called mediocre. “Not very famous. Not even an artist. He’s a singer, isn’t he. He’s never played in movies, never played in soap operas,” said John Hopkins’ ex-motoGP girlfriend.

Nikita Mirzani and Nindy Ayunda’s feud began with the news that he was accused of dating Askara Prasady Harsono, Nindy’s ex-husband. Nindy thinks that Nikita is Askara’s new lover. Since that incident, he has experienced several incidents leading to terror.


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