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There are always surprises in Indonesia. This country full of resources often brings up new things that can make a scene, both locally and internationally.

One of the ‘commotions’ that occurred recently was a machine that could convert water into motor vehicle fuel. Well, if it really can be used, people cansay goodbye‘ to fuel oil, here!

A device called Nikuba can run motorized vehicles

At first glance, Nikuba looks like an electric generator, only with smaller dimensions. Nikuba is claimed to be able to turn water into fuel, running a motorcycle for road trips.

Nikuba is claimed to be able to run a motorbike with just water. [sumber gambar]

Nikuba, which stands for Niku Banyu has a cube shape with a small propeller on the back, and a small tube on one side. On the motorcycle, Nikuba is installed in the spoiler, which is then connected to the spare parts using small cables and hoses.

Nikuba has a unique way of working when turned on

Once ignited, Nikuba’s propeller will spin rapidly. The water filled tube will create small bubbles. The roar of the engine will be heard, similar to the engine fuel oil in general.

Motor-like performance, only more unique. [sumber gambar]

To turn water into a motor-driven engine, Nikuba relies on an electrolysis generator. Inside the engine, Nikuba will separate the hydrogen from the oxygen in the water. Next, hydrogen enters the vehicle’s combustion chamber and is converted into energy. It should be noted, the water used in the electrolysis process must not contain heavy metals in order to drive the motor.

Who invented Nikuba who took the world by storm?

In fact, criticism about vehicle fuel from water has surfaced several times. But only this time, with Nikuba, his existence began to be taken seriously. The inventor of this machine is a man from Cirebon named Aryanto Misel.

Aryanto Misel, the Cirebon man who developed Nikuba. [sumber gambar]

With this engine, Aryanto dares to claim that the water fuel consumption will be up to 50 percent more efficient when compared to fuel oil. With Nikuba, a vehicle with one liter of water can travel from Cirebon to Semarang, round-trip.

Nikuba has been used in several units of Kodam III Siliwangi vehicles

Nikuba’s presence did not go unnoticed by the TNI’s Military Command III Siliwangi. Several units have been ordered and installed on official vehicles.

Kodam III Siliwangi invited Aryanto Misel to cooperate in developing Nikuba. [sumber gambar]

Based on information from Kapendam III/Siliwangi Colonel Inf. Arie Tri Hedhianto, up to a month of use, there have been no complaints. In addition to cost efficiency, Nikuba is able to bulldoze various road terrain.

Aryanto Misel’s intellectual figure, not only created Nikuba

It turns out that Nikuba is not Aryanto Misel’s first work. The figure of this man has created another interesting machine, namely the fire extinguisher. Uniquely, the machine uses cassava skin material.

Besides Nikuba, Aryanto Misel also created fire extinguishers from cassava peels. [sumber gambar]

Aryanto explained that the light fire extinguisher utilizes cassava peel which contains potassium citrate which is effective in extinguishing the fire. According to Aryanto, the advantages of his APAR, apart from being able to extinguish fires, are also safe for human health and the environment.

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Aryanto Misel is proof that Indonesia’s human resources are not inferior to developed countries. With determination, will, and forward thinking, this nation is able to develop any technology, even to change the world order which has always depended on oil.