Synopsis RODA RODA GILA SCTV Episode 40 Today Monday 20 June 2022

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1NEWS – Synopsis FLASH WHEEL SCTV Episode 40 Today Monday 20 June 2022

Kayla wonders why Hera still meets Ardi and Mika. Hera went there because Mika was sick and Mika, even though Mika wasn’t her biological sister— Hera was silent, tensed, almost slipped out. Kayla is confused, isn’t she a sibling? Meanwhile, Nando approached Mika, pulled Mika to stand in the middle between him and El. Nando gives a challenge, he and the mafioso will help El find Alvaro’s killer! All are shocked.

But the challenge is, “If me and the mafioso can find Alvaro’s killer! You have to break up with Mika and keep Mika away! Nando asks Mika, do you agree?” Mika replied casually, “Agreed!” Elvano was shocked, couldn’t believe it.

Mika came home and called a motorcycle taxi. El chase doesn’t accept, what does Mika mean? El said, “You want to be with Nando? Why are you hurting me like this?” El doesn’t accept it. Mika looked at El, “I love you but as a friend!”

At home, Mika wants to talk to El so we don’t misunderstand, Melani says El is leaving. Melani started to cry. Melani feels that when she sees El, it’s like seeing her brother’s killer Al. Just then Ardi appeared and was shocked to hear that!

The next day, Mika was about to go to college and kissed Ardi’s hand. Ardi actually wanted to talk a lot about El and Mika, but the timing wasn’t right. Ardi reminded firmly but gently that Mika would go home quickly, it would be better to take an angkot.

On campus, Isyana sees Mika and is annoyed, immediately bumps into Mika, blocking her path. Mika was surprised. Isyana sharply looked at Mika. Isyana firmly emphasizes that she will take El from Mika!


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