Tamara Bleszynski Disappointed and Sad, Father’s Inheritance Deprived of Years | 1NEWS

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Tamara Bleszynski’s house ‘Terrorized’ Black Rope

Dream – Tamara Bleszynski had an unpleasant experience. Through Instagram, Tamara admitted that her house was pelted with garbage in the form of black ropes that had piled up in front of her door.

This is not the first time Mike Lewis’s ex-wife has experienced the throwing of garbage. Although upset, this mother of two children is still relieved to ask the perpetrators to throw the garbage in its place.

“And thank you for everything that is always thrown in front of the entrance of my house, but please put the trash in its place,” wrote Tamara Bleszynski, quoted by Dream from her Instagram account, Monday, May 30, 2022.

Tamara Bleszynski's upload© Tamara Bleszynski Uploads

This 47-year-old woman said that she had provided a trash can beside the gate of her house. He emphasized that the entrance to his house was not a trash can, so Tamara asked the perpetrators to throw the trash in its place.

“I have always provided a trash can beside the gate. The entrance to my house is not a garbage dump, so please throw the trash in the trash can I have provided,” he said.