Understanding Hajj Qiran, Reading Intentions, and Procedures According to Islamic Teachings | 1NEWS

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Qiran Hajj Procedures

Qiran Hajj Procedures© Pixabay.com

After knowing the reading of Qiran’s Hajj intentions, then Dream’s friends need to know the procedures for carrying out the Qiran pilgrimage properly and correctly. Here is the procedure that you need to pay attention to:

1. Ihram

The first way is ihram which is accompanied by reading the intentions of Hajj and Umrah and is carried out from a predetermined miqat. Well, this miqat can be done by Dream’s friends from the homeland or from Saudi. Here are the things you need to prepare:

Miqat in the homeland

– Cutting nails.

– Cut hair sufficiently.

– Bathing in the sunnah of Ihram.

– Using perfume.

– Wearing Ihram clothes.

Miqat in Saudi

Usually, pilgrims who perform the miqat du Saudi will come to the holy land earlier. And will go first to Medina. It was only when it was approaching the 9th of Zulhijah or the day of Arafah, the pilgrims would go to Makkah. The implementation of the miqat is carried out in the holy land in one of the places. Here are some things to do during miqat at the venue:

– Pray sunnah ihram two rakaat if possible.

– Intends hajj by reading his intentions.

– On the way to Makkah try to read a lot of Talbiyah.

Qudum Tawaf

The next step is to carry out tawaf qudum, which is tawaf performed by pilgrims who have just arrived in Mecca. This Tawaf is performed on the first day of arrival in Makkah. Friends of Dream can also carry out other worship at the Grand Mosque.

2. Sa’i

Next is to carry out sa’i, namely by walking from Safa to Marwah. After doing the sa’i, the congregation is not allowed to tahalul or tahalul tsani.

3. Wukuf and Jumrah

Then the congregation performed wukuf in the fields of Arafah, Muzdalifah, and Mina. Then throw the jumrah just like when performing any other hajj.

4. Back to Makkah

After that, the congregation will return to Mecca to carry out tawaf ifadah, namely tawaf which is intended to carry out Hajj and Umrah. For pilgrims who have not performed sa’i, then they can perform sa’i for hajj and umrah between Safa and Marwah.

5. Tahalul

Then do tahalul, which is to shave at least three strands of hair.

6. Tawaf Wada

The last is to carry out tawaf wada, namely for people who will leave Mecca to return to their homeland or to make a pilgrimage to Medina.