Viral Sexual Harassment of Solo-Jakarta Train Passengers | 1NEWS

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Not only that, his complaint also immediately received a response from the management of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI). Through DM Twitter, KAI’s official account apologized for the incident.

“We have coordinated with colleagues on duty, for your report has been followed up in a conducive manner,” he said.

sexual harassment on the train© Twitter @selasarabu_

This woman had mentioned the initials of the perpetrators, namely MTD. He suspected that the man was still studying at a well-known state university in Greater Jakarta. He got this information from hearing the conversation of the perpetrator when he received a call from his friend.

He also gave a firm message so that the man would not repeat his actions.

“For the masnya who rides from Jogja, the Argo Lawu train to Solo – Jkt, sits on Executive 8, seat no. 9B. If you read my tweet, please repent, bro,” he said.