Woman in Jakut Reports Chinese Man Over Alleged Rape-Violence

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1NEWS, A woman from Pluit, North Jakarta, with the initials L (30) admitted to being harassed and violent from a foreign citizen (WNA).

The victim’s attorney, Prabowo Febrianto, said that the criminal incident experienced by his client occurred in July 2020 in an apartment in the West Jakarta area.

“(The perpetrator) is allegedly Mr. K, he is a foreigner from China who is working in Indonesia,” Prabowo said at the Metro Jaya Police Headquarters, Monday (20/6/2022).

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L told the story that the incident began when he and K met on social media. After four months of communicating, the two decided to meet in the West Jakarta area.

At that time, said L, the reported party wanted to take him to lunch at a restaurant. However, the reported person took him to one of the apartments.

“At first I did not dare to meet. But because I have communicated, there are no bad people, and I look intellectual, I finally accepted the invitation to have lunch at the apartment,” L said while covering his face.

L said that it was in the apartment that the alleged perpetrator forced himself to have sex and resorted to violence.

As a result of this action, the victim suffered a number of injuries to the body, especially in his vital organs, which required medical attention.

“After that incident I was taken to the clinic, the wound on my private part was stitched up. But the reported person seems to have underestimated it,” said L.

Furthermore, L told that he and his legal counsel had consulted about the case he experienced with the West Jakarta Metro Police investigators. But unfortunately, the consultation did not solve the problem and instead the victim received threats from the reported party.

“I was told to withdraw the report and was threatened with being reported back on the basis of extortion. Then I showed the reported message to the investigator. Then the investigator contacted me. I came, the investigator said there was no evidence. The investigator said just accept the amount of funds. Even crying, my tears have no meaning. I am stressed and depressed,” said L.

Then, the victim and his attorney made a report to the Polda Metro Jaya in April 2022 after doing trauma healing.

“It turns out that it’s not easy to report this case. That’s why it’s been a long journey until now,” said L.

The report is registered with the number LP/B/1695/IV/2022/SPKT/Polda Metro Jaya dated April 2, 2022.

“The article that we suspect is Article 285 of the Criminal Code concerning violence with threats, forcing women who are not their wives to have intercourse,” explained Prabowo.

Prabowo said that since the report was made, his client had not received any progress in handling the case from the Polda Metro Jaya investigation team. Even the Notification on the Progress of Investigation Results (SP2HP) was never obtained.

“We asked for SP2HP, until today it has not been given. But they were promised on May 20,” Prabowo said.

Prabowo said even though his client had also brought evidence, such as the post-mortem results at the Police Hospital, to evidence of pressure chats from both the complainant and his lawyer.

However, even though they have brought the evidence, they have not been able to confirm the examination process, moreover, neither the reported party nor his lawyer came when he was summoned for questioning by the police.

“He said that this case is still waiting for the doctor’s explanation from the expert witness, then he has also made efforts to clarify the report to the reported but has not come twice,” said Prabowo.

Prabowo emphasized that as a result of this incident, L’s psychology was disturbed.

“My client is a career woman, not a fussy nightlife. She is professional, has a business, has a good job, I think she also has power. But as a result of this incident she is not focused on work,” he said.

Therefore, to ensure that this case report goes ahead, Prabowo and his client today visited the PPA Unit of the Polda Metro Jaya. Their arrival to the PPA Unit was also to ensure that the examining doctor was willing to become an expert witness.

“That’s why today we want to question the progress again. In essence, we hope that this investigator will have a follow-up. Investigators must look at this case from the perspective of the victim,” Prabowo said.

“We also don’t know how the doctor at the Police Hospital took a long time to come to be an expert witness, or explain the statement he made. After all, we have a post-mortem, this is the result,” he said.[]


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