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Along with starting normal activities lately, face-to-face activities are being carried out again. Not only found in the office at work, but also occurs at home. One of them is like a family visit to the house.

It is certainly very happy. Especially if you haven’t seen each other for a long time, so this opportunity can be a very special moment. Therefore, don’t forget to welcome the family who come to visit with a special meal.

If you are confused about it, and you don’t have much time to prepare it yourself, for example, you can rely on the menu of roast chicken made by Urban Kitchenette. Why?

Special Present in Jakarta

The menu is presented specifically for people who live in Jakarta. This is because Urban Kitchenette sells in the capital city. The menus are famous for being delicious, and have an authentic taste because they are made from quality natural ingredients.

So is the case with this roast chicken menu. Urban Kitchenette makes it from high-quality, high-quality chicken. The chicken is guaranteed freshness, good quality taste, color and aroma, so when cooked it tastes so tempting.

The chicken is cooked with herbs derived from natural spices. The seasoning was then formulated by Urban Kitchenette with its flagship recipe. The chicken is then seasoned with spices until fully absorbed, before finally being grilled to the right level of doneness.

Can be Ordered Easily from Home

Sweet and Delicious/Urban Kitchenette© Sweet and Delicious/Urban Kitchenette

This Roast Chicken made by Urban Kitchenette comes with one serving of whole chicken, so you can eat it together with your family who come to your house. With experienced cooking skills, the chicken is perfectly cooked inside and out.

When served the aroma is so appetizing. Likewise when eaten, the texture of the chicken is so soft, where the authentic delicacy of the spices is felt in every bite. Just prepare rice at home, this dish can make a maximum memorable family event.

On the other hand, this roast chicken creation is made to order. The goal, so that the freshness and quality of the taste is maintained. So, if you want to order it, make sure to pre-order it a few days in advance. Do it easily through

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