Chuu LOONA Ready to Leave Blockberry Creative and Join a New Agency? | Kpop Chart

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Shocking news came from a member of the girl group LOONA, who will join a new agency after leaving his current ‘home’.

On June 22, 2022, one of the South Korean media reported that Chuu LOONA will be releasing himself from BlockBerry Creative which will be continued by joining under a new agency, namely BY4M Studio.

Chuu LOONA and BY4M Studio are currently in the process of discussing various details in their exclusive contracts.

Previously, Chuu had officially made a comeback with LOONA by releasing the album and song “Flip That” after their participation in the idol competition program, Queendom 2.

Until now, BlockBerry Creative has not released any statement regarding the news of LOONA’s departure from them, as well as whether Chuu will still be promoting as LOONA or not.

How do you feel about the latest news from Chuu LOONA? (1NEWS)