Evaluation of Peach’s Failure in 2022 President’s Cup: Goalkeepers and Defenders are OK, but Center and Front are still weak | 1NEWS

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Persik Kediri’s move was stopped in the preliminary round of Group D of the 2022 President’s Cup. This group was represented by Arema FC and PSM Makassar who qualified for the last eight as champions and runners-up.

Actually, Persik Kediri and PSM in the final group standings are both four points from the results of one win, draw, and loss. However, Juku Spell has the right to accompany Arema FC based on the fair play team regulations.

Persik had won an important victory in the first match. Namely when a narrow 1-0 win over Persikabo 1973, June 12, 2022.

Persik coach Javier Roca stated that his team’s performance was not too bad. Although they were defeated by Arema FC 1-0 through a penalty, Roca said this minor result was the result of an unfair refereeing decision for Persik.

“In general, with the preparation not being optimal, I think this is a good result for Persik. If we didn’t get a penalty against Arema FC, the final points in the standings would have been different. And, we still have a chance to be in the top eight,” he said.

This Chilean architect also revealed the factors of the White Tiger’s failure in this pre-season tournament.

“This team still has a lot to improve and perfect. The first is a matter of concentration. Next is the issue of consistency in applying the pattern of the game,” he said.

These two problems are caused by the lack of physical and chemistry between the players. The reason is, before entering this event, Persik only held a training camp for two weeks in Jakarta.

The understanding between players has also not been harmonious, because in the Persik squad there are many new players this season.

“Essentially, we need time to improve physically and teamwork. We take lessons from this failure. We will boost the players in the remaining time until the kick off of Liga 1 starts,” he said.

Javier Roca also explained that the collaboration between Persik lines was also not balanced. Now there is enough time for Persikmania’s idol team to clean up and welcome the competition in the BRI Liga 1 2022/2023.

“Especially in this tournament, our two goalkeepers and defenders have done well. But unfortunately the midfield and the front is still not harmonious. So that the productivity of scoring goals is minimal. Even though from the three games we played, we always had the opportunity to score goals,” he said.


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