Pedri mocks Madrid’s style of play: Why win but play bus parking? Useless! –

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Pedri mocks Madrid's style of play: Why win but play bus parking?  Useless!

Crazy Ball – The pragmatic playing style of Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid not only drew criticism from football fans, but also made Barcelona midfielder Pedri uncomfortable.

The Spain international judged that if it was Blaugranathen they will not be satisfied with just a win without also being accompanied by the beautiful game that has become their trademark, as they also tried to emulate under Xavi Hernandez.

Indeed, Real Madrid’s win in the 2022 Champions League drew the spotlight when they were deemed to have played too badly to be champions. In the final against Liverpool, they even suffered 24 shots throughout the game and only had four shots in return. But they were lucky as Thibaut Courtois’ heroic performance in goal finally managed to prevent them from conceding to be the key to their victory.

Pedri, considered one of the biggest prospects in world football today, now claims he would suffer if he played in a team like Los Blancos while insisting that Barcelona is a club that likes to win with beautiful football.

He told The Guardians, “I will try to play my game wherever I am, but it is true that I would suffer more if I played at another club.”

“Some clubs are content with winning no matter how you get it. Meanwhile at Barcelona, ​​we want to win by playing the ball, creating chances. I like this football more. Xavi has a very clear idea of ​​how we should play. The things he does when he plays, he tries to instill in us.”

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