Pertamina Will Limit Purchases of Pertalite BBM for Large CC Cars – 1NEWS

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bbn/ Will Restrict Purchase of Pertalite BBM for Large CC Cars

PT Pertamina (Persero) will begin to limit the purchase of subsidized fuel oil (BBM) of the Pertalite type for large engine cubication cars (large cc). This restriction is carried out so that the purchase of subsidies in the field is right on target.
“In terms of luxury cars, the vehicle specs are at least RON 92 or the Cetane Number is 51 and above. So if you use subsidized Solar or Pertalite, it’s below the vehicle specs,” said Pertamina Niaga Acting Corporate Secretary, Irto Ginting to Tirto, Tuesday (21/6). /2022).

Irto did not deny that so far there are still vehicles with large cc using Pertalite and Solar fuel types. Though they should not be allowed to use this type of fuel. “There are many cases like that,” he said.

Regarding the plan, Irto did not want to give a leak when it was implemented. However, his party admits that they will conduct socialization and trial restrictions first in the field. The gas station officer will be involved to supervise the vehicles that make purchases.

“Later there will be socialization and trials first,” he said. Previously, the Executive Director of Energy Watch, Mamit Setiawan, suggested that the purchase of subsidized fuel for private four-wheeled vehicles be limited to a minimum of 10 years and below.

For example, 2012 vehicles and below are welcome to use Pertalite. Meanwhile, vehicles with 2013 and above are required to be Pertamax. “For personal vehicles, I am limiting myself. The age of the vehicle is a maximum of 10 years,” said Mamit. (

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