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The reason Gareth Southgate is still entrusted with polishing the England national team

Crazy Ball – Even though fans demanded Gareth Southgate to be sacked, the FA still defended him and confirmed he was the coach who will take charge of the England national team at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The former Middlesbrough coach is currently getting a very sharp spotlight from the public. This can not be separated from the appearance of the three lions in the UEFA Nations League this June.

As is known, in the four matches played by Gareth Southgate’s team, all of them did not win. Even the English national football team got a big surprise from Hungary, where they were able to beat Harry Kane and colleagues in two matches.

But the worst was when the English football team hosted Hungary at the Molineux Stadium on 15 June. At that time, had to swallow a defeat with a score of 4-0. In that match, Southgate was criticized by frustrated fans and the federation was expected to kick him out.

With the Qatar 2022 World Cup only five months away, Debbie Hewitt, who is the FA executive, confirmed that Gareth Southgate would still be entrusted with managing the England national team and he gave his reasons.

Talking to the media crew, Debbie Hewitt said personally that he was the most successful coach he had during his time in charge of the national team. He explained that not many people know that he created something different at the training ground.

Debbie Hewitt also says Gareth Southgate can change players. He mentions the coach’s individuality is very good like IQ and EQ. According to him, he is a tenacious football coach and that is the kind of coach England need.

For information, the 51-year-old coach has not yet given a title to the England national team. But it was able to bring England to the semifinals of the 2018 World Cup and the final of Euro 2020.

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