Otonan Ritual Marks the Opening of Amlapura City’s 382nd Anniversary – 1NEWS

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beritabali/ist/Otonan Ritual Marks the Opening of Amlapura City’s 382nd Anniversary.

Amlapura City’s 382nd Anniversary Celebration, which was filled with various activities, from parades to art and cultural exhibitions for 14 full days.
Held with full simplicity, however, the celebration was so lively. In addition, there is something unique in the celebration of the anniversary of Amalpura City this year that has never been carried out, where the 382nd anniversary of Amlapura City is marked by a Hindu religious procession, namely ngatarang banten otonan which was held at Candra Bhuana Cultural Park, Wednesday (22/6). /22) night.

Regent Gede Dana, to the media crew, said that this time there was no cutting of the cone of tumpeng. Because, according to him, birthday celebrations in Bali are synonymous with Otonan.

So the ceremony of sesayut pageh tuwuh which is a means of commemorating the 382nd anniversary of Amlapura City is used to obtain a long life of dirgayusa and the symbol of ngeset aledan squeeze is a symbol of success.

“Otonan is a day where someone commemorates his birthday, intended to express gratitude to Ida Sang Hyang Widhi for the breath and life that has been given,” he explained.

He continued, humans are born into the world given the opportunity to multiply good deeds, so that they can improve the quality of their lives.