Denada’s child recovers from blood cancer, this is the latest condition

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Happy and touching news came from Denada. The former child singer announced her relief at her son’s recovery. According to the doctor, Anak Denada recovered from leukemia. Aisha Aurum, the name of her beloved daughter, has been battling blood cancer since 2018.

Denada’s child who was declared cured by a doctor

Source: Instagram/@denadaindonesia

Denada told the reaction of the princess, Aisha, when she found out that she had recovered from leukemia.

“He’s really happy, but what might be more fun for him is when he can eat things that he couldn’t eat before, there were a lot of taboos first, you can’t eat this, you can’t eat that,” Denada was quoted as saying. from Voice.

The 43-year-old singer also explained that Aisha was also allowed to eat outside food as long as it was prepared properly.

Starting from honey and cheese, Aisha even asked for tempeh souvenirs from Indonesia!

“Here, I just came here, he asked for tempeh as a souvenir from here, finally he could only eat something like that,” said Denada quoted from Voice.

Currently, Aisha is still in Singapore for a routine check-up.

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Already Can Enter School and Socialize

Denada's child recovers from blood cancer, this is the latest condition

Source: Instagram/@denadaindonesia

One of the other things that makes Denada happy is when her child can go to school after recovering.

Aisha has never socialized outside the hospital. Even when going to the supermarket, it is only limited to hospital supermarkets.

The opportunity to go to school and make friends must be something big for the 10-year-old daughter.

2022 is Aisha’s first year at school after 3 years living at home and around the hospital. Aisha’s development has also grown rapidly since entering school. But sometimes Denada is also worried because some parts of Aisha’s body are injured because of the fun playing.

“Suddenly he went to school, socialized, made good friends, played slides, played with his friends. So the first day he went to school he had a lump because he was not used to doing activities in other environments besides the house and the hospital,” said Denada as quoted from Compass.

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Denada had a hard time

Denada's child recovers from blood cancer, this is the latest condition

Source: Instagram/@denadaindonesia

Denada herself had conveyed the difficulty of the struggle as a mother which required her daughter to be treated in Singapore.

Denada had only had Rp 200 thousand in cash when he was in Singapore.

Moreover, Denada has been without income for 2 years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Denada tried to ask permission from Aisha and give understanding. Aisha actually did not want to, so Denada did not return to Indonesia.

But unexpectedly, Aisha, who was 9 years old at that time, seemed to understand that Denada was upset, so she finally allowed her mother to return to Indonesia to work.

“A few days ago, I zoomed in with him, he said, ‘Two nights ago I cried alone at night. Because I miss you’,” said Denada quoted from Compass.

“A 9 year old child, but he has an awareness that ‘if I say something like this, my mother won’t go back to Indonesia and she will be in trouble, she will be sad. It’s okay I’m sad I said he can go home, I can’t stand my feelings’, he added.

Congratulations on your recovery Aisha Aurum! May you grow up to be a healthy and happy child!


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