Directorate General of Highways Jambi Regional Administration Promotes Use of SIM LINMAS

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1NEWS, The Directorate of Pol PP and Linmas, Directorate General of Regional Administration Development Rahmad Hidayat said that the socialization of the use of the LINMAS SIM Application could provide benefits in the implementation related to Trantibumlinmas in Jambi Province. The reason is that the implementation of public order is an important key that the government really serves the community.

According to the government, in this case, the Jambi Provincial Government (Pemprov) is obliged to provide basic services for Tantibumlinmas. The SIM LINMAS application as the latest innovation is prepared to support the submission of data and reports on the implementation of Trantibumlinmas at the Village/Kelurahan scale.

“I really hope that what we are doing today can be implemented and implemented as well as possible, and provide maximum impact in the administration of peace affairs, public order and community protection in Jambi Province,” he said in a press statement received in Jakarta, Friday. (24/6/2022).

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This was stated in the agenda for the Implementation of Socialization for the Improvement of HR Satpol PP and Satlinmas in 2022 which was successfully carried out by the Jambi Province Satpol PP by inviting participants from Head of Pol PP and Head of District/City Linmas throughout Jambi Province recently.

Meanwhile, Head of Sub-Directorate for Community Protection, Fadly Elwa Purwansyah, said that the government is very concerned primarily about protecting the public, especially in welcoming the 2024 democratic party.

“The existence of Satlinmas must provide benefits to the community, its vital and strategic role makes Satlinmas a community organization that is prepared to assist the government at the Village/Kelurahan scale. Not to mention in order to welcome the democratic party, Satlinmas members from now on must be equipped with skills in order to help handle peace, order and security during the implementation of the election,” he said.

For information, the socialization activity was opened directly by the Head of the Jambi Province PP PP Rahmad Hidayat, accompanied by the Head of the Jambi Province Linmas Aguscik Andi. By presenting speakers from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Fadly Elwa Purwansyah. Located in the Prima Cahaya Hall, Jambi City. []


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