Humiliating Kedah Darul Aman, Bali United Tops Group G Standings for 2022 AFC Cup

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“Representatives from Malaysia lost. Even the national team level lost, let alone the club.”

1NEWS – Play in front of thousands of fans yourself, with certainty and full of confidence Bali United successfully beat representatives from the Malaysian Super League, Kedah Darul Aman FC with a score of 2-0.

Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadion Stadium, Bali, on Friday (24/6) evening WIB, witnessed how mighty Tridatu Serdadu was. The victory was a sweet note for Stefano Cugurra’s team on the first matchday of Group G 2022 AFC Cup.

Bali United took the lead through Ronald Ngah’s own goal in the 45+2 minute. The situation began when Eber Bessa took off a free kick, the ball hit the leg of a guest player named Ngah and headed into his own goal.

The moment was then perfected by Muhammad Rahmat’s action in the 82nd minute, the situation began when Private Mmbarga sent a sweet stomach bait in the penalty box and a header from Rahmat could not be dammed by Kedah Darul Alam FC goalkeeper.

Until the referee blew the long whistle signaling the end of the match, none of the goals from the visitors were created. 2-0 win and Ilija Spasojevic and colleagues.

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With these results, Bali United is currently at the top by collecting 3 points. On the other hand, Kedah is ranked 4th alias distended. The second position is occupied by Visakha FC who won 2-1 over Kaya FC. Meanwhile, Kedah is at the bottom.

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