Synopsis RODA RODA GILA SCTV Episode 44 Today Friday 24 June 2022

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1NEWS – Synopsis FLASH WHEEL SCTV Episode 44 Today Friday June 24 2022

Mika was escorted by Elvano in front of the class. El shouldn’t have to take him like this, he can go to class on his own. And when Mika was about to enter class, she met Isyana. Looking at each other tensely, Tisa cynically saw Mika.

Meanwhile, Ardi fixes the motor. The owner came nagging for a very long time to service the motorbike every time he wanted to come he said it was not finished. The motorcycle owner was shocked. Even the front of the motor is damaged. Ardi apologizes.

Isyana is on the verge of receiving a chat from Nando, Isyana reads the chat. Nando told Isyana that he was out for a while to do business with El in the old building behind the campus! Isyana looks worried.

Nando and El are ready to start. Isyana rushed to Nando’s direction. Tisa followed behind. On the other hand, Mika arrived as well. Mika was shocked and immediately ran over to Elvano. Mika asked Elvano what was the problem.

Mika reminds El, don’t be influenced by Nando’s provocation, because he is like that. Mika was worried that this old multi-storey building could crack at any time. El asked not to worry. El is happy that Mika is worried about him.

Isyana also reminds Nando, he doesn’t want anyone to be a victim here. Nando asks don’t worry, she will be fine!


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