Wonder Woman Comic Auction Gets Fantastic Value and Sets Records

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wonder woman comic auction

The auction house Hertage Auctions has opened an auction for the Wonder Woman comic, which is the first issue and debut of the superhero character.

This auction also managed to collect millions of dollars which were released to collectors of antiques, especially comics issued by DC Comics. Come on, see the full information below.

Comic Auction Sells Billions of Rupiah

The Wonder Woman character debut comic was released to a collector through an auction organized by Heritage Auctions with a value of 1.62 million US dollars or equivalent to Rp. 24 billion.

The fantastic value that was obtained according to Certified Guarantee Company or the evaluation agency for old books and comics has managed to break a new record. A total of 35 people made an offer, then it was finally sold on Thursday, June 16, 2022.

Source: Fox Business

There has never been a comic with a character before Super hero women who sell more than 1 million US dollars or Rp. 14.8 billion since 2017, lo.

Wonder Woman Appears Since 1941

quote Kompas.comthis debut female superhero from DC Comics was first published in All Star Comics eighth edition in 1941 ago. The actual content of the comic does not raise a special story like in Sensation Comics 1942.

Eighth edition of All Star Comics just telling Justice Society of America and the presence of Wonder Woman in the interior without being identified.

wonder woman comic auction

Source: cbsnews

Launch Fox Businessthe introduction of his character in the comics mentions that he left his home on Paradise Island to take part in the war in World War II.

The old comic received a rating of 9.4 from CGC. Copy All Star Comics for the eighth edition is well kept by collectors.

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Heritage Auctions Other Comic Auctions

In addition to Wonder Woman’s debut comic, Heritage Auctions is also auctioning off several other older comics. Starting from the cover of the first issue Batman: The Dark Knight Returns ’80s by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley.

Then there are two comics from the series Fantastic Four #1 successfully sold IDR 6.2 billion and IDR 3.5 billion, copies of the 29th edition of Detective Comics worth IDR 4 billion.

wonder woman comic auction

Source: kincir.com

Comic Amazing Spider-Man also successfully released by Heritage Auctions worth Rp. 640 million, not to mention the comics X-Men #1 sold for IDR 3 billion and Teenage Mutant Ninja with a score of 9.8 sold IDR 2.7 billion

From the auction of a number of DC Comics comics, Heritage Auctions was able to collect 24 million US dollars or equivalent to Rp. 355 billion.

Wow, the selling point for this old Wonder Woman comic is fantastic, right? What do you think about the new record for comic auctions?

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