5 Secrets of Savory and Chewy Chicken Siomay, Check Here!

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chicken dumplings

Parents Of course, you are already familiar with this one snack. Yes, chicken dumplings are a food that is very popular with various groups. Even not only in Indonesia, dumplings can also be found easily when traveling to foreign countries selling choices chinese food.

Siomay was originally from around the plains of China. Usually dumplings are made with minced meat. In Mandarin, this dish is called shaomai, in Cantonese it is called siu maai, while in Beijing dialect, it is called shaomai.

Siomay then developed with its own characteristics in the culinary treasures of the archipelago. Not only using raw materials in the form of beef which is relatively more expensive, Indonesian-style dumplings are also made from chicken and fish.

The next difference lies in the way of presentation. Call it the typical Bandung siomay which is very popular to various regions, which is served with delicious peanut sauce.

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A Glance of Chicken Siomay, Different from Dim Sum

Siomay is usually served as dim sum, which is a small snack that is eaten together while drinking tea. However, many people mistakenly call chicken dumplings as dim sum. In fact, chicken dumplings are only one part of dim sum. Serving dim sum itself can be in the form of dumplings, hakau, to buns.

In the area of ​​origin, dumplings are usually made from minced meat. Sometimes a little shrimp is added to enhance the taste. After being wrapped in a dumpling skin, the dumplings are then steamed until cooked.

chicken dumplings

Chicken dumplings have a savory taste with a soft texture. This snack is often served with a dipping sauce in the form of soy sauce or a kind of bangkok chili sauce.

Siomay is very suitable as a snack when get together with family, friends or colleagues. The delicious taste will add to the warm and intimate atmosphere.

5 Tips for Making Chicken Siomay, Guaranteed Delicious!

Well, after knowing the origin of dumplings, now let’s try to make it at home. It’s very easy, really. Here’s step by step making dumplings that are savory and chewy.

1. Prepare the Chicken Siomay Ingredients and Seasonings

chicken dumplings

The first step, of course, is to prepare the required ingredients and seasonings. As the name suggests, chicken dumplings use the best chicken meat. Choose the thigh meat for a softer dumpling texture.

Dough Material:

  • 200 gr chicken thigh fillet
  • 9 tbsp sago flour
  • 50 gr chicken skin
  • 50 gr peeled prawns (can be replaced with chicken)
  • 30 g carrots
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 egg white

tbsp salt

  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 2 tsp soy sauce
  • 1/2 tsp pepper
  • 1/4 tsp mushroom stock
  • 3 tbsp ice cubes
  • 2 tsp oyster sauce
  • 2 tsp sesame oil

Other Ingredients:

  • 15-20 dumpling skins
  • 20 g grated carrot

2. Use Chicken Fat and a Little Shrimp for a More Savory Taste

chicken dumplings

The use of fat in the form of chicken skin will make the dumplings taste more savory. In addition, the addition of a little shrimp will also complete the delicacy. But if there is no shrimp, it’s okay to replace it with chicken.

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3. Use Egg White Only

5 Secrets of Making Savory and Chewy Chicken Siomay, Let's Take a Peek Here!

Why use egg whites instead of whole eggs? The reason is because the egg will greatly affect the overall dumpling texture. Adding whole eggs (both yolks and whites) will make the dumplings too dense. If you want chewy dumplings, use only the white part.

4. Add Ice Cubes, so that the Chicken Siomay Texture is lighter in the mouth

5 Secrets of Making Savory and Chewy Chicken Siomay, Let's Take a Peek Here!

The last secret to making dumplings even more perfect is the use of ice cubes. Add ice according to the recipe above, yes.

5. Processing Materials!

Mix all the ingredients for the dough into food processor then grind until smooth. Some of the meat can be ground at the last step to add richer texture to the resulting dough.

chicken dumplings

After the grinding process is complete, take a little dough and then wrap it with a dumpling skin, put a little grated carrot on top. Do this step until the dough runs out.

Finally, steam the dough until cooked and then serve with your favorite dipping sauce and your family.


So, those were the 5 secrets of making delicious chicken dumplings. Don’t forget to try it at home, OK? Parents.

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