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1NEWS East Java – The city of Surabaya was shocked when a woman jumped into the Kali Jagir River, Sunday (26/6).

It is suspected that the woman committed suicide. Several witnesses saw the victim was pensive before jumping into the river.

Here are the facts about the woman who dared to jump into the Kali Jagir River.

1. The woman is 40-50 years old

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Naning Agustina, an eye witness, said that the woman who jumped into the Kali Jagir River was a woman aged around 40-50 years.

“The characteristics are 45-50 years old. His body is small and skinny and he wears a hoodie,” said Naning.

2. Had time to reflect

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Nanik had caught the woman pensive at the corner of the bridge with a pale face for a moment before throwing herself into the river.

3. The victim waved his hand

Residents had shouted at the woman because she was desperate to throw herself into the Kali Jagir River.

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Another eye witness, Ayu said, shortly after plunging into the river, the victim waved her hand.

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