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Illness can come at any time and attack anyone, including Indonesian artists. Not only physical health is maintained, but psychological health can also affect the body. In recent years, Indonesia has also been shocked by a number of artists who are sick. Starting from Ari Lasso, Tukul Arowana, to Maia Estianty.

Unpleasant news also came from the couple Ruben Onsu and Sarwendah. The reason, they are both reported to be both undergoing treatment due to illness. Because they are often in and out of the hospital, what is the actual illness that they are experiencing? Here’s the complete information.

Harmonious and harmonious couple

Ruben Onsu’s family togetherness [sumber gambar]

Ruben Onsu and Sarwendah married on October 22, 2013 in Nusa Dua, Bali. Sarwendah had 2 miscarriages, but was finally blessed with 2 daughters, namely Thalia and Thania. On July 25, 2019, Ruben announced he had adopted a son named Betrand Peto. Sarwendah and Ruben also carried out a traditional procession as well as a legal process to ratify Betrand Peto’s adoptive parents. The five of them often show a harmonious family side.

Betrand cries for Sarwendah and Ruben Onsu

Sad things enveloped the harmonious family, because Ruben Onsu and Sarwendah were rushed to the hospital. Ruben was first rushed to the ICU because he was critical and received a blood transfusion. However, Ruben is still reluctant to reveal his illness, because it still has to be observed and check up more.

Betrand contacted Ruben [sumber gambar]

After that, Sarwendah had to undergo surgery to remove the cyst and it was discovered that he had a rare disease in his brain stem and needed special treatment. It saddened their children. It is known, Betrand cried because he received the award without being accompanied by his parents.

Ruben has written a will

Condition of Sarwendah and Ruben Onsu [sumber gambar]

Ruben’s illness stems from his habit of delaying eating and being tired due to his busy schedule. Ruben said that he and his wife were the people chosen by God to feel the disease. Ruben has written a will for his wife and children, which says to bequeath his company to his three children, namely Betrand, Thalia, and Thania. He hopes that his children will be able to manage the company with his uncle Jordi Onsu.

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Sarwendah and Ruben Onsu certainly hope that they will recover soon and be reunited with their little family. The importance of maintaining a healthy diet and living for the sake of loved ones can also be said as motivation. By doing medical check-up routinely in the hospital we can know our health condition. I hope they both get well soon.