Thalia Putri Onsu Inherits Mother’s Hobby, Sarwendah Firmly Fulfills Her Son’s Desire: As Long As It Makes Sense…

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Thalia Putri Onsu has shown signs of inheriting her mother’s hobby, Sarwendah.

It was told by Ruben Onsu’s wife that her daughter really likes bags. Currently, Thalia has also collected several bags. “Yes. He really likes bags. There are several collections,” said Sarwendah.

Thalia not only likes it, but also can choose which bag to buy. “He can choose. If he likes it, he usually says and asks. “Mother is good yes, mother can yes” usually say that,” he said.

So is there a special budget that Sarwendah has prepared to fulfill her daughter’s wishes? “No. There is a Thalia bag that costs Rp. 50 thousand. As long as it makes sense, we’ll buy it, if not, then no,” explained the former Cherrybelle member.

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