60th Birthday, Stephen Chow Gives A Rare Interview, What’s Discussed?

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1NEWS – Hong Kong actor and director Stephen Chow turned 60 years old on Wednesday (22/6). A few days before his birthday, Stephen Chow gave a rare interview to China’s CCTV.

In the interview, Stephen Chow expressed his hope that Hong Kong filmmakers can take advantage of the huge Chinese market.

He told CCTV’s Zhu Dan that he had dreamed of becoming an actor since he was a child, because he liked watching movies when he was young.

Stephen Chow began his career as an extra in 1980 before becoming an established comedic actor in films such as All For The Winner (1990), Fight Back To School (1991) and King of Comedy (1999).

Chow then turned to directing, directing films with themes ranging from culinary in The God Of Cookery (1996), sports in Shaolin Soccer (2001) to fantasy di CJ7 (2008).

Zhu noted that there was a lot of Chinese elements in Chow’s films, possibly referring to films such as Forbidden City Copa (1996) and Kung Fu Hustle (2004).

Chow said he started to incorporate Chinese elements as he began to understand them.

“I think this is the biggest advantage of Chinese films,” he said. “There are many beautiful stories to tell because of China’s deep culture and history,” he added.


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