7 Years of Cheating, Nafa Urbach Always Prepares Condoms for Her Husband and Affair

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Artist Nafa Urbach candidly shared her bitter household experience when her ex-husband, Zack Lee had an affair for 7 years.

Surprisingly, instead of preventing her husband from cheating, Nafa even prepared a condom when her husband was about to leave.

“If you yell at him not to cheat, not to commit adultery of all kinds. He still does it. But, when he doesn’t do it with love, will he feel bad, won’t he?” said Nafa, quoted from Melaney Ricardo’s YouTube channel, Tuesday (28/06/2022).

This method is done with the aim that the husband feels uncomfortable and thinks about himself before having sexual relations with his mistress.

“He remembers what I did. Why does a wife who has been hurt so badly loves her. So every time she wants to do that, she remembers that I put it in (a condom),” he continued.

The routine of preparing condoms for Zack Lee has apparently been carried out by Nafa Urbach for 7 years, thus surprising Melaney Ricardo.

“He wants to go, you put a condom in his bag, his shoes are put on anointing oil. Why? What’s on your mind? I haven’t arrived yet,” asked Melaney Ricardo.

The 42-year-old artist also said that the bitter experience of his household was deliberately displayed in order to save other people who had the same thing.

“Many have been healed, they have hope that they don’t really have to hurt themselves with everything that happens in domestic life,” he concluded.

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