About Marshanda Missing in LA, Brother Asks Netizens Don’t Trust Information Except from Family

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1NEWS Marshanda was reported missing in Los Angeles, United States since Saturday (25/6). However, on Monday (27/6) there was news that the actress with bipolar disorder had been found by the Indonesian Embassy in America.

However, the family represented by Marshanda’s sister, Alyssa, confirmed that her brother was not missing, as his relatives said.

Alyssa said that Marshanda is currently in good condition and her whereabouts are known.

“Regarding the news about the disappearance of our child/brother/family, Marshanda, in the United States that circulated in the mass media today, Monday 27 June 2022, we as a family would like to clarify and inform that currently Marshanda is fine and not lost,” said Alyssa via Insta Stories on her Instagram account.

In her upload, apart from straightening out the confusion, Alyssa also asked netizens and the whole community not to believe any information about Marshanda apart from family.

“For now and so on, an official statement regarding Marshanda’s situation will only be conveyed by us, the family,” explained Alyssa.

Alyssa also expressed her deepest gratitude to the Indonesian Embassy in the United States and the Consulate General of LA who had helped a lot in suppressing this incident.

“And thank you for the support, attention and prayers from family, friends and relatives that we have not been able to reply to one by one,” concluded Alyssa.

The news of Marshanda missing was announced by her relative, Sheila Salsabila who lives in the United States, through Instagam. There Sheila reported that Marshanda had been missing for two days in Los Angeles.


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