Angga Wijaya asks for Gono’s wealth to bring up the salary issue, Dewi Perssik: Are you my assistant or my husband?

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

The breakdown of the household of the dancer, Dewi Perssik, apparently gave rise to various issues related to her husband, Angga Wijaya, one of which was regarding the claim for property rights.

Knowing this issue, the woman who is familiarly called DP also spoke up when she hosted the Morning Morning Ambyar program which aired on Tuesday (28/06/2022).

“No. The external news is still busy about household problems, I’m sure a lot of other people have fried it. Of course there’s nothing like that. That’s an issue,” said Dewi Perssik.

“But I don’t know (whether there is a claim for Gono property here), because I haven’t asked Sandy’s brother (his attorney),” continued Dewi Perssik.

Discussing the matter of Gono’s assets, Saipul Jamil’s ex-wife also admitted that she was confused because the current assets had been owned long before she became Angga Wijaya’s wife.

“I don’t know what is being demanded, because when I married him, I already had a house, I had a car, I already had a business,” he said.

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