Attending BSF, Ganjar Pranowo buys clothes made by school students

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1NEWS, Governor of Central Java (Central Java) Ganjar Pranowo buys clothes made by students while attending the opening of the Borobudur Student Festival (BSF) at Canisio Art Center Kanisius Wanurejo Elementary School, Magelang.

Ganjar said, the work of the nation’s children should receive maximum appreciation. According to Ganjar, the trick is to buy it.

“It’s the work of children who they are also fundrising with a product that is painted, written, designed with them and then sold. Of course this is part of if the child excels, if the child makes it, someone has to buy it,” said Ganjar in his release, Tuesday (28/6/2022).

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Besides buying clothes, Ganjar also greeted a number of school students who attended the opening of the BSF. They brought their own works, such as charcoal masks, decorative ceramics, to waste management.

Genjar said festivals like this should be held in many places throughout Indonesia. According to Ganjar, student festivals in various places can increase the literacy of the nation’s children.

“I imagine that if this student festival can take turns in many places throughout Indonesia, the picnics and picnics will be far away. If the picnics are far away, then there must be a lot of literacy,” he said. and the culinary is different wow it will be fun and our children will feel yes, Indonesia is very rich,” he added.

Ganjar also encourages educational events for children such as BSF to continue to be intensified. Ganjar said, teachers in schools should be able to facilitate it.

“In my opinion, this is a pretty good improvisation and must be developed. Teachers must facilitate it,” he said. []


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