Entering FKG at a University with Prestigious Accreditation, Doddy Soedrajat Asks Mayang to Prepare Mentally! Afraid of being bullied?

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Now, Vanessa Angel’s sister, Mayang Lucyana Fitri admits that she will study at the Faculty of Dentistry (FKG) Moestopo University.

The news of Mayang’s acceptance at the Moestopo University FKG was apparently warmly welcomed by Doddy Soedrajat.

“Daddy supports it. Especially when it comes to education, Dady is very supportive,” said Mayang.

In addition, Doddy Soedrajat also gave advice to the late sister of the late Vanessa Angel before pursuing higher education.

“Just the advice, just be mentally prepared,” he said, quoted from YouTube’s Sambel Lalap on Tuesday (28/6/2022).

The reason is, Mayang has a shy and introverted nature that worries Doddy Soedrajat.

“Because I’m also actually an introvert by nature. Meeting new people again, I really don’t have any friends on campus,” he continued.

Therefore, Mayang hopes to be ready to face the world of lectures in the future.

“So, just be mentally prepared. You have to pray a lot to be given fluency,

In this regard, several netizens also gave various responses and comments.

“IPS graduates can get scholarships at FKG,” wrote a netizen, “If this is a lie again, it’s outrageous,” said another netizen, “Be mentally strong so you don’t get bullied,” said another netizen.

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