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Subsidized fuel such as Subsidized Solar or Pertalite specifically for 4 wheels is required to buy through MyPertamina as of July 1, 2022. This new policy raises the question because at gas stations it is forbidden to turn on cellphones, then why is it mandatory to buy Pertalite using MyPertamina?
The following is an explanation of why buying pertalite must use MyPertamina even though it is forbidden to turn on cellphones at gas stations. As is well known, MyPertamina is an application created by a state-owned company, Pertamina. This application was created to make it easier for customers to get BBM.

In order to use the MyPertamina application, customers need a smartphone and an internet network. Well, this is what makes the public confused.

Many netizens have questioned the policy of buying pertalite, which must use MyPertamina. One of them is the owner of the Twitter account @BoWozZ. He also uploaded a photo showing the shape of a crossed cell phone.

“Those who made the policy for gas stations to use MyPertamina are very stupid and idiots have been banned from using Pertamina’s cellphones because they are dangerous for consumers,” wrote @BoWozZ.

The tweet received many comments and some netizens were also surprised by the policy.

“I was scolded by the officer because I was filling up gas and kept taking out my cellphone,” said another netizen.

MyPertamina Explanation

Based on the explanation in the MyPertamina Instagram account, it is stated that using cellphones at gas stations is allowed under several conditions.

“Yes, it’s okay to use a cellphone at a gas station as long as it is in accordance with the security provisions for the location of use and its designation,” quoted from the @mypertamina account, Tuesday (28/6/2022).

The provision in question is that the use of cellphones in the gas station area is allowed as long as they are in the public area. Such as Convenience Store, Foodcourt, Office. Then payments using the MyPertamina application can be made from inside the car or at a safe distance of 1.5 meters from the gas station dispenser.

Meanwhile, the area where the use of cellphones is prohibited at the SBPU is near the tank, where the gas station is unloaded, and too close to the filling pump. Well, that’s the explanation why buying Pertalite must use MyPertamina even though it’s forbidden to turn on cellphones at gas stations. (Source:

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