Good News, Marshanda has been found in good health – Latest Celeb News

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Marshanda’s family finally opened their voices regarding the news stating that the woman who was familiarly called Caca had disappeared in Los Angeles, United States. Dollyssa’s sister revealed Marshanda’s condition through social media. He emphasized that Caca’s condition is fine. In fact, in an upload on Insta Story, Dollyssa stated that her family had also coordinated with the Indonesian embassy in America.

Ben Kasyafani’s ex-wife has been found and is currently under surveillance by Indonesian Consulate General officers in Los Angeles. Caca will also soon return to his homeland. Then the family also expressed their gratitude to the Indonesian Embassy for helping to handle this.

“CLARIFICATION STATEMENT. Regarding the news about the disappearance of our child/brother/family, Marshanda, in the United States which circulated in the mass media today, Monday 27 June 2022. We as a family would like to clarify and inform that Marshanda is currently fine and has not disappeared ,” wrote Dollyssa.

“A big thank you to the Indonesian Embassy in the US and the Consulate General of LA who have fully assisted us in handling this situation. And thank you for the support, attention and prayers from family, friends and relatives that we have not been able to reply to one by one,” Dollyssa continued.

“For now and forever, an official statement regarding Marshanda’s situation will only be conveyed by us, the family. Please understand that for the time being we need privacy in handling this matter, and we ask for your prayers so that the situation can remain as conducive as it used to be,” concluded Dollyssa.