Here’s the Premier League’s Best Indirect Free Kick Goal

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“No one has matched his score yet.”

1NEWSAlan Shearer has scored 260 Premier League goals during his career with Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United. He also scored 23 goals for Southampton in Division One, long before the Premier League was formed in 1992.

Only one other player in history has scored more than 200 goals in the Premier League so far and that is the legend of Manchester United, Wayne Rooneywho scored 208 goals in 52 games just behind Shearer’s record.

Andy Cole is third on the all-time list with 187 goals, followed by Sergio Aguero with 184 goals.

However, the Tottenham star, Harry Kanehave a good chance of breaking this record if they can continue to play in the English top division.

The 28-year-old currently has 183 goals and will rejoin the club for his 200th game of the 2022/2023 season.

However, surpassing Shearer’s record will not be easy for the England captain. Kane will need to be injury free in the coming season to stay at the top of his game and take over the top spot.

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Would Shearer have scored more goals if he agreed to join Sir Alex Ferguson at Man United in the 1990s? Possible. He will surely win more trophies, even though he did win the Premier League title with Blackburn in 1995.

Watched Shearer score so many Premier League goals for Blackburn and Newcastle. It’s a testament to how good he is.

Shearer can score all kinds of goals from headers, volleys, penalties, close range finishes, long range screamers, even from free kicks.

In fact, Shearer was instrumental in creating the best indirect free-kick goal we’ve seen during the Premier League era.

Back in the early 2000s, Newcastle were awarded an indirect free kick when West Brom defender Igor Balis passed the ball back to the goalkeeper.

The referee deemed the pass a backpass foul and Newcastle were awarded an indirect free kick just inches from the goal line.

All of West Brom’s players lined the fence on the goal line to thwart Shearer’s effort. However, Nolberto Solano had a plan that was executed perfectly.

Solano told Shearer he would touch the ball first before controlling it again. The West Brom players could see their conversation, but didn’t pay attention to it.

They were forced back after moving out of line too quickly before Shearer fired the ball through the crowd and into the net.

West Brom’s players didn’t cover themselves up against that threat, and who could blame them?

Shearer’s right leg is very strong. And, took that perfectly executed kick.

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