Holywings can reopen even if its permit is revoked, says the deputy governor of DKI

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1NEWS – Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria said Holywings could reopen even though its permit had been revoked.

“As long as the requirements for permits can be met in accordance with the provisions, yes, anyone who has a business is allowed,” said Riza at Jakarta City Hall, Tuesday (28/6).

Previously, the Holywings Group business unit was revoked by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government on Monday (27/6) for violating the permit to sell alcoholic beverages.

Apart from that, there is strong pressure from the public because Holywings is promoting alcoholic beverages with SARA themes.

For this, Riza reminded that businesses such as cafes, restaurants or bars should be more careful about their innovative creations so as not to cause public unrest.

“Creative and innovative content is good and necessary, but please understand that it should not cause SARA problems, or cause divisions and so on which can lead to conflict,” said Riza.

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Riza hopes that the problem that happened to Holywings can be a lesson for all parties, be it restaurants, cafes or bars.

Because there are many other cafes that may not meet the requirements, and can operate in the community.

In fact, these cafes or restaurants and bars do not have a license to sell alcohol or so on.

“We ask everyone to pay attention to the conditions. Don’t take it lightly, don’t ignore the rules and regulations, we all want to enforce the rules for the benefit of the citizens of Jakarta,” said Riza.(Ant)

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