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1NEWS Riau – A trip to Pekanbaru, is not complete if you haven’t stopped by the shopping icon of this city, namely Pasar Bawah.

Pasar Bawah, is the oldest traditional market in Pekanbaru which consists of four floors.

Interestingly, this market building uses a blend of Malay and Chinese culture.

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The color used by the building is almost the same as Chinatown, which is just as striking.

Located on the banks of the Siak River, and close to the port, this market is easily accessible.

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Based on some historical records, Pasar Bawah is estimated to have been around since the 1700s.

This market was designed by the 4th Sultan of the Siak Sri Indrapura Kingdom, namely Sultan Abdul Jalil Alamudin Syah.

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Now Pasar Bawah has become one of the tourist attractions in Pekanbaru that must be visited by tourists.

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