Indonesia Supported by Government Offers to Host 2023 Asian Cup | 1NEWS

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Indonesia is certain to advance in its bid to host the 2023 Asian Cup, PSSI confirmed.

As is known, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has yet to determine the host for next year’s edition of the tournament after China withdrew last month due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indonesia itself had volunteered together with India, Thailand and South Korea before the election of China.

What do PSSI & the Indonesian government say?

The opportunity to run for the host of the 2023 Asian Cup would have been missed by Indonesia, because in the same year, the U-20 World Cup was held in Indonesia, the schedule was close.

However, after coordinating with the government, PSSI through the general chairman Mochamad Iriawan decided to advance in the nomination.

“After PSSI coordinated with the government, in this case the Ministry of Youth and Sports, finally PSSI officially volunteered to host the 2023 Asian Cup,” said Iriawan as released on the PSSI official website, Tuesday (28/2).

“PSSI also thanks the government, in this case Menpora Zainudin Amali, who has supported this plan.”

Meanwhile, Menpora Zainudin Amali also confirmed that he had given the green light for PSSI to propose Indonesia as the host of the Asian Cup.

“There is an application from PSSI to host the Asian Cup. The government has agreed and invited them to be the host,” said Zainudin.

“What was the result like [dilihat nanti]because Korean [Selatan], Japan, and Australia also filed. We support PSSI if you want to be the host.”

Compete with the top three countries

Apart from Indonesia, there are three countries that have expressed interest and volunteered in the second stage of nomination to host the Asian Cup next year, namely South Korea, Japan and Australia.

In terms of infrastructure, it can be said that Indonesia is still inferior to the three top countries. It’s just that the interest of the homeland audience that can guarantee the excitement of the tournament can be a separate consideration for the AFC.

Indonesia had hosted it, but at that time its status was with Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam in 2007. Meanwhile, Australia is still relatively new because it has hosted the Asian Cup in 2015.

Japan has hosted the 1992 edition, while South Korea has taken the longest since the last time they hosted it was in 1960.


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